1. "The time Kitsch and Porter cried saying goodbye. “In the scene where Riggins and Six were saying goodbye in New York, and Riggins was getting ready to say ‘Texas Forever’ and head off in the cab, it took us 25 minutes to even attempt a take because we were just bawling. Taylor, I couldn’t believe it, was just like ‘I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, hold on…’ And then it got me going. It took us 25 minutes to get it together and then we did it in one take and he got in the cab and left.”"

  2. "Best thing Taylor Kitsch brought to the show (besides biceps, beautiful tortured face, everything): “Street’s nickname ‘Six’ wasn’t on the page,” says Porter. “That was Kitsch. When he walked into the hospital room in season 1 and finally comes to see me for the first time? Instead of saying what was on the page he said ‘Six’ and it stuck.”"

    - Friday Night Lights Reunion (x)

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    Travis Fimmel & George Blagden forever.

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  7. On Matt’s last table read (x)

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